Horoscope API

Daily Horoscope (Personal, Health, Travel, Emotions, Professional & Luck) 


Daily Tarot & Yes/No Tarot


Discover 500+ quirky messages to begin your day! 


500+ symbols & unique messages just for YOU!

A Prediction Platform Made Easy for You to Use!

Get the best prediction centric services from our API’s & wow your audience with a truly engaging experience of its kind


Daily Horoscope Predictions for all the 12 zodiacs. Whether it be your personal life, health, or professional life, we’ve got it all customized for you!


Discover the magic of Tarot Cards to gather unique insights on love, finance, & career!


Drink up your daily morning or evening coffee by receiving new messages & insights on your Present, Near, & Distant Future.


Daily renewed unique messages with delicious predictions.

A Developer friendly prediction platform for you. 

An API set up to deliver Prediction related content for your audience. 


 Get 24/7 support whenever you need it.


No technical knowledge required. This API is simple to use.


We provide no questions asked - 7 Day Return Policy with timely refund.


Made with Love, this API service will look as if hosted by you. 

Easy to use Widget

Our APIs utilize one-liner widgets to make the process easy for you.

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Eye Catching

Widgets in this API are very attractive and eye-catchy. 

Instantaneous Results

Get quick and fascinating results in the blink of an eye! 

No Tech Support

No technical support is required. It is all done with a simple click. 

1. Do you provide refunds?

Yes, we do provide refunds. We have a 7-day refund policy for people who do not like our API service. You'll get your payment with no questions asked.

2. Where can I test your API?

To get started, you go to Start my 7 Days Trial. Read the Integration Steps there and know how it is done. https://divineapi.com/register

3. What languages do you support?

We only support the English language for now.

4. How are the Predictions done?

We have a panel of experts working with us behind the scenes for all the Predictions like Tarot Readers, Astrologers, Numerologists, etc. who provide all the predictions.

5. What happens when I cancel my subscription?

Your subscription will be active till the end date of the 30 days billing cycle. If you happen to cancel the subscription before 30 days are completed, you can still use the APIs for the remaining days.

6. What happens when I Upgrade?

There is no option of Upgrade or Downgrade in Divine API. You can purchase the APIs individually or collectively.

7. Is the payment recurring or one-time?

The payment is recurring however, you have to do them manually at the end of each 30 days billing cycle as the payments are not auto-renewal in nature.

8. How early can I renew my plan?

You can renew the plan anytime. The number of days will be added to your existing remaining days.

9. What mode of payment do you support?

For international users, we support payments through PayPal. For Indian users, we support all modes of payment, be it Bank Transfers or UPI modes of payments like GPay, PayTM, etc. All payments are visible while you are making the payment.

10. I need a Custom Plan, how do I get it?

Drop us a mail and we'll tailor-make a plan that best suits you!

Let’s Talk!