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Natal API Features

Empower your cosmic exploration with our Natal API. Explore an array of dynamic features for profound astrological insights:

Planetary Positions

Explore planetary influences with Natal API's accurate Planetary Positions feature for comprehensive astrological insights.

House Cusps

Natal API's House Cusps reveal crucial angles affecting your life journey, enhancing your astrological understanding.

Aspect Table

Access valuable Aspect Table insights via Natal API, deciphering celestial interactions and their impact on your life.

Natal Wheel Chart

Experience your life's dynamic map through Natal API's Natal Wheel Chart, visualizing your birth chart's unique pattern.

Moon Phases

Illuminate your emotional landscape with Natal API's Moon Phases, mapping the lunar cycle's influence on your personal growth.

General House & Sign Reports

Navigate through your life's sectors with Natal API's General House Reports, decoding the significance of each house.

Transit API

Stay attuned to cosmic rhythms with Natal API's Transit API, offering real-time planetary movement insights.

Synastry Reports

Explore relational dynamics through Natal API's Synastry Reports, assessing astrological compatibility and connections between charts.

Why Divine API

Developer Friendly. Astrologically Accurate. Business Oriented.

Deliver astrological precision to your audience with our user-friendly, integrated API.

All-in-One Solution

Comprehensive, integrated tools for every astrology and API need.

Seamless Integration

No coding required. No technical knowledge required. Our APIs are easy to use.

Crafted with Precision & Passion

Our solutions stem from the wisdom of seasoned astrologers, ensuring accuracy and expertise.

100% White Labeled

Seamlessly integrate our services, maintaining your brand's unique identity.

Hassle-Free 7-Day Returns

Enjoy our effortless 7-day return policy with prompt refunds, no questions asked.

360-Degree Support

Developer, astrologer, and business-friendly support for your success.

*USD 0.24 per thousand API calls after exceeding the API limits

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