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Natal API Features

Empower your cosmic exploration with our Natal API. Explore an array of dynamic features for profound astrological insights:

Planetary Positions

Explore planetary influences with Natal API's accurate Planetary Positions feature for comprehensive astrological insights.

House Cusps

Natal API's House Cusps reveal crucial angles affecting your life journey, enhancing your astrological understanding.

Aspect Table

Access valuable Aspect Table insights via Natal API, deciphering celestial interactions and their impact on your life.

Natal Wheel Chart

Experience your life's dynamic map through Natal API's Natal Wheel Chart, visualizing your birth chart's unique pattern.

General Sign Report

Discover insightful General Sign Reports via Natal API, providing a comprehensive overview of your zodiac traits.

General House Report

Navigate through your life's sectors with Natal API's General House Reports, decoding the significance of each house.

Transit API

Stay attuned to cosmic rhythms with Natal API's Transit API, offering real-time planetary movement insights.

Dominant Element

Reveal your core essence through Natal API's Dominant Element, identifying your prevailing astrological element.

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7 day return policy

We provide no questions asked - 7 Day Return Policy with timely refund.

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*USD 0.24 per thousand API calls after exceeding the API limits

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