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Get accurate & wide-ranging Daily Horoscope for all the 12 zodiac signs.

Purchase the Daily Horoscope API service and watch the magic grow.

Stay ahead with the stars

Our Horoscope API provides accurate daily, weekly, and monthly horoscope readings tailored to each zodiac sign.

Daily Impact

Experience real-time astrology updates with our Horoscope API, delivering up-to-the-minute readings on how cosmic influences will shape individuals' lives.

Personalized Patterns

Uncover the depths of unique personality traits with our Horoscope API, providing in-depth insights into individual characteristics.

Love Guidance

Explore matters of the heart with our Horoscope API, offering profound insights into romantic relationships based on astrological influences.

Strokes of Luck

Unlock the secrets of good fortune with our Horoscope API, allowing your audience to discover auspicious periods and align with opportunities for success.

Navigate career choices

Our Horoscope API provides clarity and direction in the professional journey with career-focused horoscope readings

Better financial decisions

With our Horoscope API, individuals can make smart choices about investments, savings, and financial planning based on astrological guidance

Detailed Zodiac Profiles

Our Horoscope API reveals detailed profiles for each zodiac sign, uncovering unique traits, strengths, weaknesses, and more

Why Divine API

Developer Friendly. Astrologically Accurate. Business Oriented.

Deliver astrological precision to your audience with our user-friendly, integrated API.

All-in-One Solution

Comprehensive, integrated tools for every astrology and API need.

Seamless Integration

No coding required. No technical knowledge required. Our APIs are easy to use.

Crafted with Precision & Passion

Our solutions stem from the wisdom of seasoned astrologers, ensuring accuracy and expertise.

100% White Labeled

Seamlessly integrate our services, maintaining your brand's unique identity.

Hassle-Free 7-Day Returns

Enjoy our effortless 7-day return policy with prompt refunds, no questions asked.

360-Degree Support

Developer, astrologer, and business-friendly support for your success.

*USD 0.24 per thousand API calls after exceeding the API limits

Divine Widget

Easy to use Widget

Our APIs utilize one-liner widgets to make the process easy for you.

Widget Demo

eye catching

Widgets in this API are very attractive and eye-catchy.

instantaneous results

Get quick and fascinating results in the blink of an eye!

No coding required

No technical support is required. It is all done with a simple click.

made with love

Made with Love, this API service will look as if hosted by you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes this divine horoscope API different from others?

The Daily Horoscope API provides in-depth & meaningful content as compared to other APIs. It also provides a Fun Trivia section where everyday Cosmic Tips, Tips for Singles & Couples are available.

2. What all categories does the horoscope show up in?

The horoscope will show in six different categories: Professional, Personal, Health, Emotions, Travel, and Luck.

3. Can we view the data older than yesterday or ahead of tomorrow?

No, you cannot view the data older than yesterday or ahead of tomorrow for now. But if you would like to do so, please feel free to contact us!

4. Can we add our own design, look & feel to your data?

Yes, you can add your own design, look & feel to your data!

5. Do you provide a widget for the Daily horoscope?

Yes, we do provide a widget for the Daily Horoscope. Click here to know more.

6. How do we integrate the widget?

The widget is a one liner code. The Integration process is explained here: Wordpress Plugin or Widget Integration

7. Can we change the look and feel of this widget?

Yes, the look & feel of this widget can be changed. You can change the color of the text as well as the background. You can also change the width & size of this widget. Please click here for the documentation: Click here to know more. or you can go through the Integration process in your dashboard after signing up to understand it thoroughly.

8. Is the widget available as a WordPress plugin?

A. Right now, the widget is available for the WordPress website. The Integration of the widget will happen in just few minutes. For documentation, please refer to this link: Wordpress Plugin or Widget Integration - Click here.

9. Will I get support for the integration of APIs on my system?

Yes, you will get 24/7 support.

10. Can I only take the horoscope API subscription and not take another API subscription?

Yes, you can only take the Horoscope API subscription and not take another API subscription.

11. Is there any source code available on the website?

Yes, there is a source code available on the website. Click here for documentation.

12. Can I view data before I get started?

To test the data, Sign Up for FREE at Divineapi.com Click here to register. & get your 7 days free trial for all APIu2019s. Go to the Integration Steps in your user dashboard & test it on your website. But if you just want to view the data, go to the Widgets section of your profile & view it there.

13. How to get started with Divine API Daily Horoscope services?

To get started you can first make use of the 7 days trial to test our APIs on your website, If like it, you can purchase the Daily Horoscope API & get started.

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