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This privacy policy mentions how the work ethics and standards of Divine API use your information and yet protect it from any intruders. Divine API is committed to making sure that your information is safe and sound with us. If you are being asked for some personal information from our team in order to generate the required results then you can provide that piece of information without any second thoughts as we will make sure of the fact that your privacy level is not compromised in any case. We, aim at changing our policy on a timely basis in order to meet up the new protection standards and provide our users a protection-friendly platform.


If you decide to be a part of our prediction family then we may ask for the following information from you:

  • Your name, contact information as well as your email.
  • Locality details like a postcode.
  • Personal information regarding your Likes and Interests.
  • and other information required for the surveys conducted.


The information that we gather from you is then used for keeping and maintaining a record of your profile in order to provide you the exclusive required results.

  • Internal record maintaining is the focal point behind taking up all that information from our users.
  • We may also use that information to pep up our current standards, or improve our existing work ethics.
  • To provide you regular emails and messages regarding the latest developments in our organization.
  • We might make use of your contact information to keep you in constant check with our services and to customize a few of our results according to your requirements.


As mentioned earlier that the user protection is our major concern here, likewise, speaking of security, Divine API aims at ensuring the fact that your information is safe with us. We make sure to avoid any sort of technological interference in your recorded information, everything is secured with us.


While we talk about the cookie policy, let us tell you that a cookie is simply defined as a mini file that asks for permission to be placed on your screens in order to enter your system’s hard drive. And once you come to terms with the cookie policy they tend to help you stay updated in terms of the web traffic and it also helps you know the ifs and buts when you pay a visit to a specific website. The cookie acts as a web application that will help you alter the information according to your requirements, interests as well as your likes, and dislikes.

As per what our cookie policy displays, we aim at using traffic log cookies to keep a check on which pages are frequently used and visited. And this will help us analyze the online traffic and enhance our website functioning according to what the users require. And there is no need for you to worry as we just make use of this information to track the web and then the data is immediately removed from our systems ensuring your privacy levels and standards.

All in all, our cookie policy at Divine API aim at providing you a better chance at website functioning by giving us a chance to keep a constant check on what web pages are useful to you and what not. This information helps us customize our website requirements according to your preferences. Moreover, the terms and conditions associated with the cookie policy will in no way give us any sort of private information or access to what your system holds. So, you need to trust us on our policies in order to engage in some sort of business with us.


Our website might hold useful links to other web portals of your interest too. But you should know that once you leave our websites to use these links then we have no access or guarantee regarding those websites. And this in turn means that we will no longer be held accountable for your information and privacy when you enter the website. So, before moving onto other research stations you better check up on their own privacy policy before sharing any personal or exclusive information.


You have the right to choose a way to restrict or use or personal information in the following ways:

  • Whenever your wish to fill any forms makes sure that you check the box which indicates that you don’t want any information to be shared or used by anybody without your permission.
  • And even you allow your information to be shared on the web, you can always change your mind and email it to us any time.

We at Divine API assure you that we will make sure to provide you customized results according to your preferences and yet maintain your security and privacy from getting disrupted.

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If you have any questions regarding this privacy policy, you may contact us using the information below:

Dinesh Gahlot

G/F, L/S, WZ-96, KH No. 38, Village Dabri, New Delhi, Delhi, 110045