Terms & Services

Subscribe-Integrate-Run with our Astrology as a Service Platform

Terms Of Service

The following terms and conditions dictate the usage of the Divine API. The Service(s) is/are proposed to your acceptance such that alteration of all of the terms and conditions enclosed herein and all other operating procedures, rules, and policies that may be written by Divine API. Kindly read the terms and conditions with utmost care before continuing or subscribing to the services. For using the services of Divine API you must agree with the terms and conditions. If not agreed with the conditions the services will not be started or terminated if already subscribed to.

Your Divine API Account

If you subscribe to the services of Divine API or adhere to the services offered, you will be solely responsible for all the security aspects of your account and tasks are done on your account or in connection with your account. In case of unauthorised access, it is your responsibility to notify Divine API. In case of any omissions on your part, Divine API will not take any responsibility.

Services will not be provided to any bots or automated machines. The user must be a human. You need to provide your legal first middle and last name along with a valid email address and other information required to complete the signing procedure. Only one person is allowed to use one login, multiple owners are not allowed. Creating separate logins is allowed as per the allowance by the plan.

Using services for unauthorized or illegal purposes is not allowed. The usage of the services must not violate the juristically laws in your country. (Including but not limited to the trademark or copyright laws).

Payment and Renewal

Option services will require payment to "upgrade" them. If you select the upgrade that will mean that you agree to pay Divine API the fees mentioned for the service. Payment is charged on a pre-pay basis if you wish to upgrade. The fees needed to upgrade is non-refundable.

Divine API Fees Payment

If you sign up for a Divine API account you must agree with the charges and pay Divine API the payment designated to you at the time of registration. The fees Applicable will be accounted for from the time the paid account is curated. Divine API has the power to alter the instalment duration and expenses. Divine API records can be deleted by you at any time on 30 days signed announcement to Divine API. Subscription fees if made once will not be returned in any case. If the subscription is cancelled, there will be no repayment from the side of Divine API.


Divine API covers admittance to email support. Here the term "Email support" suggests the strength to make calls for technical assistance using email regarding the usage of Divine API. All Divine API support will be provided by Divine API practices and standards, policies and procedures. As a financed buyer, you grant Divine API a persistent worldwide license to use your company's logos and assets, except when Divine API allows in signing contrarily. These logos and assets will be used solely for sales and marketing purposes. These can be used to show on the main page of the Divine API website or the promotional pamphlets.

Copyright Infringement.

Divine API requires all the other third party to respect the intellectual rights, as Divine API respects the intellectual property right of all other brands. In case you assume that corporeality positioned on or associated with Divine API infringes your copyright, you are urged to report Divine API. Divine API will reply to all such reports, including as needed or relevant by eliminating the infringing corporeality or incapacitating all connections to the infringing corporeality. Divine API will end the access of the visitor to and utilisation of the Assistance if, under relevant conditions, the visitor is resolved to be a recursive infringer of the copyrights or other intellectual property rights of Divine API or others. In the case of such terminus, Divine API will have no responsibility to provide a reimbursement of any costs previously spent to Divine API.

Intellectual Property

This Agreement does not transfer from Divine API to you any Divine API or third party intellectual property, and all title, interest in and right to such resources will prevail only with Divine API. Divine API, the Divine API logo, and all other labels, service marks, trademarks and graphics used in connection with Divine API, or the Services are trademarks or registered trademarks of Divine API or Divine API licensors. Other trademarks, service marks, graphics and logos used in connection with the Services may be the trademarks of other third parties. Your use of the Services grants you no right or license to reproduce or otherwise use any Divine API or third-party trademarks.