Creative Cards

As much as they want to know their future, the card designs should also be pleasant to the eyes. 

Perfect Shuffle Algorithm

Our algorithm really shuffles the cards and doesn’t just display a fake shuffle like many other websites.

Accurate Readings

We truly understand the emotions behind people seeking answers and therefore we ensure that the readings are accurate. 

Correct Interpretation

We offer a correct interpretation of upright as well as reversed Tarot cards so that the seeker gets the answer the need.

No matter what your problem is, your divine has a message for you.

Whether it’s your love life, marriage, life, job, or business issue, your guardian angel has the answer for you.


You are buried in the stack of issues but your guardian angel is reaching out to you, to get you out of this situation. Allow the Tarot to convey the message of the divine.


Your guardian angel loves you and cannot see you in distress. Instead of trying to solve your problem on your own, allow the Angels to help. Tarot is a conveyor of the divine message


If you are tired of finding a solution, then there is good news. Your divine has an easy resolution for you and you will be surprised why you didn’t listen to it more. Tarot will share that message.


Want to end the struggle and find peace and abundance? Yes, you can. Tarot’s guidance can show you the light that lights up your path and shows you the way forward, freeing you from the bondage of suffering

A Developer friendly prediction platform for you. 

An API set up to deliver Prediction related content for your audience. 


 Get 24/7 support whenever you need it.


No technical knowledge required. This API is simple to use.


We provide no questions asked - 7 Day Return Policy with timely refund.


Made with Love, this API service will look as if hosted by you. 

Easy to use Widget

Our APIs utilize one-liner widgets to make the process easy for you.

Widget Demo

Eye Catching

Widgets in this API are very attractive and eye-catchy. 

Instantaneous Results

Get quick and fascinating results in the blink of an eye! 

No Tech Support

No technical support is required. It is all done with a simple click. 

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