Divine Features

White Label PDF Features

Discover Astrological Wonders with Our Comprehensive White Label PDFs: Precise, Captivating & Thorough.

100% White Label

Personalize your brand with 100% White Label PDFs for a professional touch and branding opportunity.

HTML Viewer For PDFs

Access PDFs with an HTML Viewer for an interactive and user-friendly viewing experience.

Downloadable PDFs

Effortlessly save and share accurate birth chart analyses with downloadable PDFs.

Mobile Responsive

Our PDFs are Mobile Responsive, ensuring optimal viewing on various devices.

Email Perfect

Email your Customers detailed astrological reports in PDF format for a perfect solution.

Beautiful PDF Design

Experience enhanced user engagement with Beautiful PDF Design featuring attractive layouts.

Detailed Analysis

Our PDFs provide detailed birth chart interpretations for a comprehensive understanding of astrological elements.

Fast Loading Speeds

Access astrological information quickly with PDFs' Fast Loading Speeds.

Why Divine API

Developer Friendly. Astrologically Accurate. Business Oriented.

Deliver astrological precision to your audience with our user-friendly, integrated API.

All-in-One Solution

Comprehensive, integrated tools for every astrology and API need.

Seamless Integration

No coding required. No technical knowledge required. Our APIs are easy to use.

Crafted with Precision & Passion

Our solutions stem from the wisdom of seasoned astrologers, ensuring accuracy and expertise.

100% White Labeled

Seamlessly integrate our services, maintaining your brand's unique identity.

Hassle-Free 7-Day Returns

Enjoy our effortless 7-day return policy with prompt refunds, no questions asked.

360-Degree Support

Developer, astrologer, and business-friendly support for your success.

*USD 0.24 per thousand API calls after exceeding the API limits

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