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Best Daily Tarot Api

Get readings on Love, Finance, and Career with Daily Tarot API.

Why Divine API

A Developer friendly prediction platform for you.

An API set up to deliver Prediction related content for your audience.

24/7 support

Get 24/7 support whenever you need it.

Seamless Integration

No technical knowledge required. This API is simple to use.

7 day return policy

We provide no questions asked - 7 Day Return Policy with timely refund.

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Made with Love, this API service will look as if hosted by you.

Daily Tarot API: Readings at Your Fingertips

@ $ 30/month

Dive into the world of Tarot with our easy-to-integrate API, offering enriching, intuitive readings for every user.

In-Depth Love Reading Tarot API: Uncover Your Romantic Future!

@ $ 30/month

Uncover the secrets of romance with our API, offering detailed love tarot readings that blend seamlessly into your platform.

Flirt Love Reading Tarot API: Explore Love's Playful Side

@ $ 30/month

Dive into the lighter side of love with our Tarot API, providing flirtatious, fun readings and easy-to-implement solutions.

Erotic Love Reading Tarot API: Uncover Sensual Mysteries

@ $ 30/month

Find out when and with whom passion will ignite. Our API gives you the clarity to make informed romantic moves.

Egyptian Reading Tarot API: Reveal Hidden Truths

@ $ 30/month

Discover the roots of your story with our Tarot readings, offering deep insights and straightforward developer tools.

Ex-Flame Reading Tarot API: Revisit Past Loves

@ $ 30/month

Explore your future with an ex and gain clarity on rekindling or moving on. Ideal for developers seeking engaging content.

Made for Each Other Tarot API: Predict Romantic Compatibility

@ $ 30/month

Explore the future of your budding relationship. Our API brings user clarity and developer-friendly tools together.

Power Life Reading Tarot API: Steer Your Destiny

@ $ 30/month

Don't leave your life to chance. Our Tarot API helps you take control, offering clear guidance and easy integration for developers.

Know Your Friend Tarot API: Trust or Betrayal?

@ $ 30/month

Uncover who truly stands by you. Our Tarot API reveals real allies and offers easy integration for developers.

Divine Angel Tarot API: Angelic Wisdom Awaits

@ $ 30/month

Connect with angelic messages for life's guidance. Our API delivers divine insights and easy developer integration.

Career Daily Reading Tarot API: Navigate Work Success

@ $ 30/month

Start your day informed with our Tarot readings. Gain foresight for your career challenges and enjoy developer-friendly integration.

Dream Come True Tarot API: Realize Your Wishes

@ $ 30/month

Turn wishes into reality with our Tarot readings. This API provides guidance for users and seamless functionality for developers.

Which Animal Are You Tarot API: Discover Your Spirit Animal

@ $ 30/month

Learn about yourself through your spirit animal. Our Tarot API is user-friendly and offers seamless developer compatibility.

Past Lives Connection Reading Tarot API: Uncover Past Life Mysteries

@ $ 30/month

Decode your past life's impact today. Our Tarot API brings historical clarity and is built for straightforward tech integration.

Yes or No Tarot API: Instant Clarity Delivered

@ $ 30/month

Our API delivers immediate Yes or No Tarot responses, enhancing user experience with developer-friendly tools.

Heartbreak Reading Tarot API: Healing Emotional Wounds

@ $ 39/month

Mend your broken heart with our Tarot insights. This API offers healing guidance and straightforward integration for developers.

Wisdom Reading Tarot API: Balance Your Inner Energies

@ $ 39/month

Align your Yin and Yang with our Tarot insights. Perfect for users seeking clarity and developers desiring ease of use.

Divine Magic Tarot API: Conquer Black Magic

@ $ 39/month

Turn to divine magic for answers. Our API provides enlightening insights and is crafted for seamless developer use.

Love Triangle Tarot API: Resolve Romantic Dilemmas

@ $ 49/month

Torn between two loves? Our Tarot API clarifies your choice and offers easy integration for developers.

Past Present Future Reading Tarot API: Explore Your Timeline

@ $ 49/month

Understand where you've been and where you're going. Our Tarot API offers depth and straightforward integration for developers.

Divine Widget

A Developer friendly prediction platform for you.

An API set up to deliver Prediction related content for your audience.

Widget Demo

eye catching

Widgets in this API are very attractive and eye-catchy.

instantaneous results

Get quick and fascinating results in the blink of an eye!

No coding required

No technical support is required. It is all done with a simple click.

made with love

Made with Love, this API service will look as if hosted by you.

Horoscope Api

Horoscope API: Astrological Guidance, Simplified

@ $ 49/month

Daily updated horoscope insights for all twelve zodiac signs to keep content fresh and relevant. Developer-friendly documentation for hassle-free implementation.

Best Weekly Horoscope Api

@ $ 49/month

Weekly Horoscope API provides weekly horoscopes for all 12 astrological signs. It will provide information on your personal and professional life, health, travel, and luck.

Best Monthly Horoscope Api

@ $ 49/month

Monthly Horoscope API offers horoscopes for all 12 zodiac signs on a monthly basis. It will educate you about your work and personal life, health, travel, and luck.

Best Yearly Horoscope Api

@ $ 49/month

Yearly Horoscope API gives accurate annual horoscopes for all the 12 zodiac signs. It will tell you about your professional & personal life, health, travel, and luck.

Chinese Horoscope API: Unlock Ancient Wisdom

@ $ 49/month

Enhance global appeal with culturally rich astrological insights. Reliable API with support for diverse coding environments.

Numeroscope API: Decode Life with Numbers

@ $ 49/month

Boost website stickiness with personalized number insights. Effortless API integration for numerology features.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes this divine Daily tarot API different from others?

The Daily Tarot API provides Tarot Readings in three categories of Love, Finance, and Career. It shows the upright as well as the reversed meaning of the Tarot Cards too.

2. Is it based on a standard deck of cards?

Yes, it is based on the standard deck of cards.

3. What is your concept behind Daily Tarot? (Talk about the 3 categories)

The concept behind Daily Tarot is to provide detailed and accurate data about a person regarding their Love life, Career, and Finance prospects.

4. Is the Category description accurate to the tarot cards?

Yes, the category descriptions match perfectly with the Tarot Cards as these are some of the categories people remain anxious about in their life.

5. Can we add our own design, look & feel to your data?

Yes, you can add your own design, look & feel to our data!

6. Do you provide a widget for Daily Tarot API?

Yes, we do provide a widget for the Daily Tarot.

7. How do we integrate the widget?

The widget is a one-liner code. Our team will assist you in the integration of the widget.

8. Can we change the look and feel of this widget?

Right now, the look and feel of the widget will remain the same but our team is working on the custom design of the widget so you can change it too.

9. Is the widget available as a WordPress plugin?

Right now it is not available as a WordPress plugin. But it can be integrated into the WordPress website.

10. Do I have an option of changing the card images?

No. You do not have the option of changing the card images.

11. Will I get support for the integration of APIs on my system?

Yes, you will get 24/7 support.

12. Is there any source code available on the website?

Yes, there is a source code available on the website.https://divineapi.com/api-doc

13. Can I view data before I get started?

Yes, you can view the data in the test area of your Dashboard before getting started!

14. How to get started with Divine API Yes & No Tarot services?

You can get started with Divine API Daily Tarot services by dropping your name, email address, and phone number in the 'Let's Connect' area. We will contact you for further processing.

15. Can I only take the Daily Tarot API subscription and not take another API subscription?

Yes, you can only take the Daily Tarot API subscription and not take another API subscription.

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